Joe Machnick's No. 1 Soccer Camps

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No. 1 Goalkeeper Camp

Dr. Joe Machnick has directed the No. 1 Camps for 37 years. A former Collegiate All-American, he has served as a coach to the U.S. World Cup team and has produced soccer videotapes, articles and books.

Assistant camp directors are all current or former collegiate and professional coaches and players from throughout the U.S. Staff coaches live and dine in the same buildings on campus as camp participants. A certified trainer is on-site at all times during the program.

The No. 1 camps teach the skills that coaches look for when recruiting.

One-week, coeducational camps which average between 100 to 200 participants are held in June, July and August.

The No. 1 Striker Camps and No 1 Goalkeeper are offered at colleges, private schools and resorts in California, Colorado, Connecticut, Georgia, Illinois, Maryland, Michigan, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas, Virginia and Washington.


No. 1 Striker Camp
This camp features long-range power shooting, placement shooting, penalty kicks, heading, plyometric training, speed dribbling, and breakaway techniques. Strikers test their skills in competition with goalkeepers from the No. 1 Goalkeeper Camps and learn to score in every conceivable situation.

No. 1 Goalkeeper Camp
This camp covers essential skills - deflecting, boxing, play on the line, playing off the line, reaction saves, and reading the game. Goalkeepers test their skills in competition with players from the No. 1 Striker Camps.

Tuition for the No. 1 Striker and No 1 Goalkeeper Camps is $850. This includes room and board. Family, team and group discounts are available. A $250 deposit pr full tuition is due with application and final payment due one month prior to camp.